Signed Tax Returns Policy


When using certain types of income (or loss) to qualify for a loan, federal tax returns (individual and sometimes business) are required as a means of documentation.  In all cases, tax returns must be signed by the borrower(s).  However, Agencies/investors may sometimes permit the use of tax transcripts in lieu of providing tax returns.  However, if both tax returns and tax transcripts are provided, the tax returns must always be signed by the borrower(s). 

Using Tax Transcripts

The requirements for using tax transcripts in lieu of signed tax returns listed below.

Conventional (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) FHA and VA loans

LD Advantage

When Transcripts are Incomplete

The following are examples of Tax Schedules or Forms in which tax transcripts may not provide sufficient detail.  These examples are not all-inclusive.  If income (or loss) from these Schedules or Forms is utilized, signed tax returns (complete with all pages and schedules) are required.

·       Schedule B

·       Schedule D

·       Schedule E

·       Schedule F

·       Form 2106

·       Business tax returns (all types)

·       Schedule K-1


The schedules or forms are not required:

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